Bolt Calling Card

Bolt calling card is one of the best and most popular calling cards from iLInk. Bolt, as all other iLinks calling cards, offers excellent quality of connection and good minutes for many countries.

Please note that starting from December 2018 we received number of unresolved complaints. Provider of Bolt - iLinks only offers automated customer service. It seems to be impossible or extremely difficult to resolve most of such complaints.
Toronto Calling Cards only offers Bolt Calling card per demand and do not provide any quality, rate or service guaranties. We recommend Lyca PIN Less or CiCi as much better alternative.

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 Card Value QTY  
$5.00 Bolt phone card
$5.00 CAD

Customer Reviews


Reviewer: Muba, who calls Pakistan
I used it twice and it gave me 6 hours and it was perfect then i bought another one and it gave me 64 min on the same number... i bought another one and found out there was a sticker stuck to it where you scratch for the pin number... I like bolt but it just disappointed me at the times i needed it to work the most

Stay away from Bolt card

Reviewer: Gokhan who calls Turkey
I bought a 5 $ bolt phone card to call Turkey however after i dial my pin and the phone number it gives me the busy sound every time i have tried other cards right after it and it connected without any problem so my advice is to stay away from this card its piece of garbage

No customer service!

Reviewer: Noname, who calls Europe
I bought a Bolt calling card, the last I talked for 15 minutes and had 9 hours. Three days later, when I tried to called, I had no more funds to make the call. I tried to find a contact information for Bolt but with not avail.

The rate of the card 0.

Reviewer: Ivan, who calls Russia
I used the card only one time for 30 minutes. I tried to give a call today at 5:30PM but the card has no money on it.I had many minutes left on the card,but it is 00000 today. Where is the money? I never used BOLT before and I think it is too much for 5 minutes.The rate of the card 0.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!


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