First Choice Calling Card

First Choice calling card has been discontinued due to unresolved technical issues with First Choice Service provider. We recommend CiCi Calling Card or Lyca Calling Card as a reliable replacement.



Customer Reviews


Reviewer: anonymous reviewer
Access number is out of service.

Terrible service.

Reviewer: anonymous reviewer
Cannot connect to access number. SIFATALK Customer service voice mail is full.

Excellent; recommended

Reviewer: anonymous reviewer from Peterborough, Ontario, who calls Canada, Thailand (Cell), Switzerland
Worked well every time I needed it - what more can you ask for?

Great Card

eviewer: from Ottawa, Ontario, who calls Canada, United States, United Kingdom (Cell)>
Make calls across canada/usa for business and have to say this card works great. Maurice Morgado

problems of late

Reviewer: anonymous reviewer from Toronto, Ontario, who calls Canada, India (Bangalore), United Kingdom
Been buying this card for over two years principally to call India and sometimes UK. No problems before but in the last seven to eight weeks the reception for India, not the UK, has been so poor that it is impossible to continue a conversation comfortably. Most of the time I ring off and ring direct or get caller to ring me back. It is a pity because I was happy with the card up to then being easy to purchase and easy to use.

The Greatest Card ever!!

Reviewer: Agard from Gatineau Quebec, who calls Canada, Guyana, United States
I have been using this card for 4 & a half years. I have recommended it to my friends & family. I use Firse Choice on public phones, at work and throughout Canada. I got rid of my long distance with bell because their service could only be used in my home. This is an exceptionally great card.

Awesome card

Reviewer: Lena from Toronto, Ontario, who calls Canada, United States
I've bought this card over and over again b/c of it's rate and reliability. Only once or twice in the past year have I not been able to get through to the access number. But other than that, it is awesome. I love that you can make multiple calls without having to repunch in the PIN. Plus, you cannot beat the rate! I have never lost any minutes, there are no service charges.....truly an excellent deal. I refer this card to all my friends now that it has more access numbers across Canada :)

Good.. AFTER I figured out how to use it...

Reviewer: Jeff from Toronto, Ontario, who calls Canada
Got the card about 3 days ago 'casue I found that Cici was eatting up my money. (Don't get me wrong I love them but long, long distance phone convesations $10 just ends to quickly) SO I bought the card, found great rates and then tried calling... *Note to users* Add 1+ the number.... It took me 3 days to figure this out... and it was the long weekend so I couldn't talk to the customer service... (That's the only downside) But It said that a $10 card would give you 555 minutes, And I got 667 with it, So I was excited.


Reviewer: Mike from Toronto, Ontario, who calls United States (Cell), United States
I first used just my cell phone and then realised how expensive it can quickly add up at $0.25 per minute. Then I tried a phone card and obviously recieved the benefit of it being cheaper. I thought that was it and I found the cheapest bargain... but then I found First Choice which was even cheaper then all the other ones I've seen. And I like the menu it gives too. It tells you how many minutes you have left and how many dollars you have left. The other card I tried only gave me the dollar amount and I had to calculate how many minutes that would give me. I like this one a lot better. Excellent stuff, saving me a lot of money. Saving me at least $40/mth in long distance! Easily! So now that it's cheaper, I find I can actually talk longer and not be worried about how much it is costing me. LOVE IT! The other added benefit is I'm calling a cell or landline in Alaska and it doesn't charge me extra. Some phone services charge extra for calls to Alaska or Hawaii and this one was the same $0.019/min as the rest of the States. Just the way it should be. Now I'm just looking forward to the day when the Cell Phone companies allow long distance like the landline phones and I can just call long distance like you would normally call locally...just dial the number or speed dial, no entering long random numbers, and have the other end recieve a ringtone if you call their cell number. That will be the day!


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