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Another great card by Group of Gold Line (CiCi, OLA, Silver and many more). No surprises, all charges are disclosed upfront (read the Fine Print section below). A solid, reliable calling card.


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$5.00 Gold phone card
$5.00 CAD
Gold phone card
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$20.00 Gold phone card
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Customer Reviews


Reviewer: Patty from Victoria, who calls Canada, Costa Rica, Thailand (Cell)
This card rocks.I pay a monthly fee of 50 bucks plus 5c per min. With shaw. Now I pay 1c per min. Quality issues people are whinnying about happen with all providers. I just call back till I get a good line.

Best card

Reviewer: Frank from Toronto, Ontario, who calls Canada, Croatia, Germany
Gold card is the best of all the cards we used so far (and many cards were tried). Sometimes the line may be of poor quality, but it is the fault of the hardware being accessed (transmission line noise and cards in the PBXs) not the card. You can experience the same results if a line card is bad here in North America, just redial and hopefully you connect to a better card.


Reviewer: Vroooooom from Toronto, Ontario, who calls Macao
I've used many cards in the past and was never really devoted to any until today. In a mad rush to make a call to my gf in Macau, I searched for the most reasonable (not cheapest) rate. That's how I ended up here. make a 10min call and it was absolutely perfect. In fact, it was soo clear that when I whispered something over the phone, she was able to hear it clearly. AMAZING! 2 cons but no biggies: 68 min allowed... 63 actually received (based on the msg). overall volume was INCREDIBLE LOUD, however my phone's volume was adjustable so I just turned it down (it wasn't turned all the way up prior to the call). Hope this helps...

Best Card for US & Canada.

Reviewer: Danny Lloyd from Toronto, Ontario, who calls Canada, United States, India
If you make long distance calls to US & Canada using a local access number ( not toll free no. ) this is the best card. I got all the mins promised . I got close to 190 mins on a $5.00 card. There is a 5 cent service charge per call but the charge is only after 3 mins so if you get an answering m/c you don't get billed 5 cents. Its only 2.5 c/min .The mins are all real. This card doesn't cheat. It seems to be a bit expensive for overseas calls though. Same company as Ci Ci but cheaper than Ci Ci. Reputed company.


Reviewer: anonymous reviewer from Toronto, Ontario, who calls Canada
I have tried and purchased many calling cards. This card has yet to cheat me on my minutes and the sound quality is equivalent to placing a regular call w/o a phone card. I tend to make short calls in little increments and even while doing so, the balance left over is always reasonable. The rates are decent as well. This is the one card I ask for specifically. Trust me on this, it's an amazing card and I'm one picky person. I have a lot of pride, so I don't like to get ripped off. This is really what a calling card should be! I'd give it 10 stars if I could.

DON'T buy this card

Reviewer: anonymous reviewer from Vancouver, BC, who calls UAE
The card advertises over 60 mins for UAE, but when I called, it said I had 23 minutes. If that wasnt bad enough, my call didnt get through 3 times, but they deducted a bunch of money. In the end, I barely got to talk for 15 minutes. Their customer service toll free number doesnt exist. Be aware before you fall for these scamsters. Try to avoid this at all costs. Big fraud!!!


Reviewer: anonymous reviewer from Toronto, Ontario, who calls Iran
I have used this card to call Iran and one word can describe the experience: garbage! I tried it a few times because I thought it may have been just that day but it was same garbage over and over again.

cheap and quality card for Ukraine

Reviewer: Ilya from Toronto, Ontario, who calls Ukraine (Lvov), Ukraine (Cell)
Best deal around to call Ukraine. Reliable and good quality.

calls to Russia (Moscow and other regious) do not work at all!

Reviewer: anonymous reviewer from Toronto, Ontario, who calls Russia, United States
This card does not work for Russia at all. Every time when I tried calling during the whole week (!) it did not connect me at all with any part of Russia. It was just dead after dialing without any signals at all. It worked with the States though.


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Terms of Service

  • Usage based on 1-minute increments. A 15 service charge applies after 3rd minute of call. 7% administrative charge applies to the rate per minute advertised after 3rd minute of call. Additional charges may apply when using public phones; Rates and fees are subject to change without notice. Phone Card expires 6 month after first use For any service related questions you must contact Customer Service of the card listed below. Liabilities are limited to the value of the card only. Calling Card is not refundable under any circumstances.