Phone Visa Calling Card

Phone Vi or Phone Visa calling card is one of the most well known iLInk calling cards. Phone Visa and other iLinks calling cards offer good quality of connection and good rates for many countries.

Please note that we started to receive number of complaints, which were impossible to resolve due to lack of live customer service for Phone Vi Card. Provider of Phone Vi - iLinks only offers automated customer service.
Toronto Calling Cards offers Phone Vi and other iLinks calling cards per demand only and do not provide any quality, rate or service guaranties. We recommend Lyca PIN Less or CiCi as much more reliable alternative.

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$5.00 Phone Visa phone card
$5.00 CAD

Customer Reviews

From the best to the worst

Reviewer: Sergio, who calls All Europe, Australia
I've been using this calling card for many years...since came on the market. The lase 2-3 months the card shrinked the time by 70% and the customer service is unaccesible Terrible costumer service, unable to reach anyone to resolve the issue. If you love to chat with your family or friends for a long period of time this card will only disappoint you.

Not good

Reviewer: No Name, who calls Jamaica
When their system fails your charged. I followed instructions as said their operating system repeats itself your call does not go thru and your credit is lost. To get a CSR to speak with is impossible. When u email them the issue they reply twice and the response does not make any sense u hve to wonder if they are idiots. NOT IMPRESSED W THEM AT ALL. ROBBERS.

Rip Off!

Reviewer: No Name, who calls Jamaica
Where are my Minutes ? I opened a card & made 1 short call, when I tried to use it again 1 week later, it told me I have Nothing left on the card.


Order Phone Vi Calling Card online

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