Turbo Calling Card

Turbo calling card is one of the best and most popular calling cards from iLInk. Turbo, as all other iLinks calling cards, offers excellent quality of connection and good minutes for many countries.

Please note that we started to receive number of complaints, which were impossible to resolve due to lack of live customer service for Turbo Card. Provider of Turbo - iLinks only offers automated customer service.
Toronto Calling Cards offers Turbo and other iLinks cards per demand only and do not provide any quality, rate or service guaranties. We recommend Lyca PIN Less or CiCi as much more reliable alternative.

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$2.50 Turbo phone card
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Customer Reviews

No customer service!

Reviewer: Alex, who calls Russia
Spoke with the family over the phone for 10 minutes only, purchased Turbo speedy connection $2.50. Terrible costumer service, unable to reach anyone to resolve the issue. If you love to chat with your family or friends for a long period of time this card will only disappoint you.


Reviewer: GEORGE, who calls Europe
Card expires 7 days after the first use

Worst card ever

Reviewer: Paty who calls Ecuador
I just bought two card at $2.50 each and they both had terrible connections. I could not clearly hear the other person. I heard them intermittently and could not understand what they were saying. Do not buy this card it's the worst card. the only reason I bought this one was because they ran out of the one I usually Use.

The biggest disappointment for 4 years

Reviewer: Lada, who calls Ukraine
I've been with Turbo for about 3 years now. It has always been the greatest service ever, right till last 2 months. I've no idea what happened, but now it's a torture. 28 re-dials during the 1 hour talk - way to ruin it all. Doe not even connect to inout the authorization number, wrong number connections, garden me, but the stupidest auto reply ever, when I can't even input the number, cuz it's not dialing: "if you'd like to make a call, hang up and try again"... this phrase will follow me in my nightmares. Too bad, good bye Turbo. God Bless you those, who was involved into screwing the best service ever!


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